An abridged version of this story was published in The SF Chronicle — please find the piece here.


  • Pick a location that you’ve speed tested, 30 Mbs down / 10 Mbs up
  • Get a Google Meets business account or Zoom paid account so you can screen record your wedding easily (for a free approach, read below)
  • For yourself you need a phone on a tripod to telecast…

Eight weeks into Shelter in Place and possibly months before we can imagine fully emerging from our lairs, we find ourselves still physically isolated, and if we’re lucky, with significant unstructured time. Even if you’re used to working from home, it’s something new altogether.

But physical isolation, uncertainty and boredom…

I’m a bit dazzled by the number of anti-Greta comments, especially since she was given the title Time’s “Person of the Year”.

The criticisms range from:

  • she didn’t deserve this having only worked in the field for a short time
  • she’s being controlled and/or abused by external forces
  • she’s only…

Divya Dhar Cohen

Build things that haven't been built before that are needed. Product Management @ Google. Physician. Cofounder @Seratis sold.

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